Venn Constructions Pty Ltd is a small to medium sized Commercial Building Company servicing the South -East corner of Queensland. With over 30 years of continuous operation, we are proud to be a locally based, family owned business. The skills and resources built up over that time have enabled Venn Constructions to successfully undertake a wide variety of projects across the spectrum of delivery methods.

Venn Constructions has focused on client service, quality workmanship and dedicated professionalism. This successful combination has led to a high level of client satisfaction and, as a result, a high level of repeat patronage.

Dedicated and Professional Team

Our dedicated, professional team can provide personalised service to ensure the absolute success of a project. We have established a reputation within the industry for working within tight budgets and pride ourselves on delivering projects within the allotted time frames. Venn Constructions has at its disposal, a motivated team of professionals which specialise in our area of expertise, who also possess a passion for all facets of construction. With a small team of 5 permanent staff and a significant number of loyal and highly qualified sub-contractors, from across the building spectrum, Venn Constructions has the ability to deliver a quality product in a timely manner.

At Venn Constructions we strive to complete difficult things well and the simple things better than anyone else, for every client and every project.

Venn Constructions Pty Ltd

Delivering an outcome that will positively impact on our clients bottom line

Our Focus

Venn Constructions have an active focus on delivering an outcome that will positively impact on our clients bottom line, by utilising skills and experience in delivering a superior project on time and on budget. Our approach comes from a highly evolved knowledge of construction techniques, efficiency and practicality, and a comprehensive understanding of the site and its context. Through this Venn Constructions are able to develop a construction strategy that will bring the project to fruition.

  • Qualified Personnel 
  • Ability to Perform
  • Co-operation
  • Timing
  • Home Grown
  • Value

Qualified Personnel

Provide staff with the necessary enthusiasm and skills required to achieve a successful project.

Ability to Perform

Use experienced staff with a proven track record of achievements in all facets of the construction industry.


Ability to work professionally and co-operatively with all parties, dealing directly with company representatives who are experts in their field and understand the client’s needs and concerns. Demonstrated ability to work co-operatively with sub-contractors and other contractors.


Projects executed by Venn Constructions are constructed in accordance with consistent approach to achieving completion of the project in the shortest possible time.

Home Grown

Venn Constructions is a local, family business with over 30 years experience, the company has built up a reputation for quality and integrity in all its dealings.


As a medium sized contractor we can offer service more in tune with the size of the project and provide more economical pricing.